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Hosted by the Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision

Having varying reactions, including negative, to your clients is normal…

About this event

A webinar presented by APECS member Dr. Lilian Abrams.

The aim for this session will be to legitimate for coaches (and supervisors) that having varying reactions, including negative, to their own clients is normal; to begin to help attendees raise their own awareness about the specific ways in which their own clients may be triggering them; to lay out a framework that coaches can regularly use to self-reflect and discover themes for themselves, as well as an aid to supervision

We hope for you to leave this webinar with a better understanding of your own personal, specific themes, about who constitutes a “difficult client” for you.

Who is the session aimed at?

Coaches and supervisors.

Materials for the session

Please bring a piece of paper and a pen to the session.

Speaker bio

Lilian has over 25 years of experience as an executive coach, leadership / OD consultant, and executive coach supervisor. She has assisted hundreds of leaders successfully achieve their most important leadership development goals and work objectives.

Her style is warm, direct, engaging, results-oriented, and supportive.

Clients range from Fortune 50 companies with 100K employees to internet start-ups. Industries include technology, retail, health care, pharmaceuticals, financial services, non-profits, and others. While Lilian works effectively with all demographics; specialties include senior level, multi-cultural, technical and/or women leaders.

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