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Often, we don’t have any real clue about the impact that formative experiences from childhood and adolescence have on us and others. They are hidden in the shadows of our past and, generally, we don’t even give them a passing thought. There is a deep subconscious force that seems to propel us forwards, even if it leads to dysfunctional involuntary behaviour arising out of experiences buried in the past. This can happen to us without warning and often transpires at the most inappropriate of times.

In this session, we invite you to look behind or beneath the behaviours you manifest in your leadership when you are under pressure in order for you to develop your awareness, understanding, and command of your more negative behavioural tendencies. We all know that in the absence of reflection, leaders can easily create mayhem, especially when the stakes are high.

This session will help you to:

  • Recognise what’s happening, behaviourally, in you and others and in relation to high-stakes reactivity and the potential dysfunctional impact these behaviours can have (on self and others), plus how this all links to childhood story.
  • Identify what steps you can take to draw out and work effectively with a childhood story so that you have the highest level of command of ‘self’, even when you are under extreme pressure.
  • Recognise how old internal narratives develop out of the childhood story and the ways in which these wreak havoc and cause harm to ‘self’ and others if you don’t do the necessary work to change them.
  • Know and understand the place and purpose of being able to author new internal narratives for the benefit of ‘self’ and the people you are leading.
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