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"Where Did You Learn To Behave Like That?" - Daring to coach the Childhood Story






Sipala, Woburn Lane, Milton Keynes


£ 295.00

Field’s of Learning are running a one day interactive session with Dr. Sarah Hill PhD, for coaches and this day will provide an introduction to a conceptual and practical framework for working with childhood story with leaders. The day will facilitate an exploration of the place and purpose of exploring a leader’s childhood story in the world of leadership coaching.

Sarah’s premise is that every leader in the world is shaped by their formative experiences, whether they are aware of it or not, their earliest memories are influencing the way they show up; how they interact with others and what triggers their greatest reactivity.

Exceptional leadership coaches are able to skilfully solicit the childhood story that underpins a leaders’s characteristic behaviour, helping them access an unprecedented depth of understanding about themselves. Gaining command of this Story can be singularly the most transformative act any leader may experience in a coaching relationship.

In an overt demonstration of the work coaches must do themselves before working with others in this sphere, Sarah will weave her own childhood story through the content of the session, creating a unique tapestry of experience.

Sarah’s book, “Where Did You Learn To Behave Like That?” has already been endorsed by Douglas Stone & Sheila Heen, Best-Selling Author’s of “Difficult Conversations” and Lecturers at Harvard Law School who wrote :-

moving sometimes frightening and beautifully told...

With courage and compassion, Sarah Hill shares her own deeply moving story and offers a model for what change looks like.”

If you are interested in this stand-alone one day programme with “Field’s of Learning” then please contact either myself – Jill Savage ( or Catherine Doherty ( or Sue Macmillan (

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