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VoicePrint is an original and distinctive diagnostic and development tool, which is being adopted by increasing numbers of coaches and consultants in the context of leadership, team and talent development, executive coaching and culture change work.

VoicePrint focuses on the use of talk, a competence which is both pivotal and problematic. Talk is central not only to how people converse and interact, but also to how we think and manage ourselves. It is problematic because we use it largely sub-consciously and in highly individualised ways, producing outcomes that are often unintended, unproductive and uncorrected.

VoicePrint ( distinguishes nine different ‘voices,’ each of which constitutes a purposeful and potentially valuable way of using talk. The VoicePrint diagnostics are exploratory tools, which bring the use of talk, by individuals, teams and organisations, into conscious awareness and control through a self-report profile which reveals tendency and intention, and a 360 feedback profile which reports actual impact. Group profiling enables these issues to be explored at team and organisational levels.

What makes VoicePrint so powerful as a coaching tool are its resonance, immediacy, accessibility, practicality, impact and durability.

Resonant & immediate: VoicePrint ‘connects’ for clients and opens up developmental conversations with unusual immediacy, because it shines new light on activities, tendencies and concerns that they can readily recognise. VoicePrint gets directly to the point.

Accessible & practical: VoicePrint not only yields its own developmental insights, but also complements and enables greater benefit to be extracted from other psychometric tools. Being constructed in terms of the behaviours that are central to our actions and interactions, VoicePrint translates psychological abstractions into actionable specifics.

Impactful & durable: The VoicePrint model is easy to keep in mind (and not prone to simplistic or constrictive labellings), easy to work with and its usefulness is easy to see. For all these reasons, it has impact that lasts. People don’t forget it.

VoicePrint has already helped clients to deliver a broad variety of benefits, including:-

  • Clearer and more purposeful leadership
  • More productive meetings
  • Better working relationships
  • Greater personal and inter-personal effectiveness
  • Interactions that are more communicative, collaborative and innovative
  • Reduced misunderstandings
  • Improved cross-cultural communication
  • Overcoming self-limiting beliefs
  • Resolving the tendency for strengths to become weaknesses

As one coach commented, when sharing her enthusiasm for VoicePrint with colleagues, “I have used it with clients to good effect, but VoicePrint also taught me something about myself. How often does that happen, when we’ve been in this line of work for more than 20 years?”

A special offer for coaches on the Trusted Coach Directory newsletter database: VoicePrint training at half price, £600+vat rather than £1,200, if you register before 31st December 2018 for VoicePrint accredited practitioner training in its new e-based blended learning format, which is being released this month.

To register now, go to and quote the promotional code TCD2018

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