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Understanding Emotions and Building Resilience








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It’s been an emotional year – the psychological impact of quarantine, loss and  transition has taken its toll .  Do join us if you’d like to understand a framework that explains the make-up of emotions, along with some tips and techniques to build emotional resilience. The one thing we can count on is change – our emotions play a big part in whether we make a successful transition or get left behind.

Understanding and building emotional resilience helps us re-think challenging situations.  The Emotional Resilience Framework provides a practical explanation and map of our emotional competencies in both dealing with our own emotions and those of others.

It’s a tool we frequently use in one to one and group coaching.  It has been at the top of our list of most useful frameworks over the last 12 months .  It can provide a reference for line managers and their teams in understanding and acknowledging emotions.  It also provides knowledge and practical tips for anyone who is looking to become more emotionally aware.

Join TCD Performance and Wellbeing Coaches, Manju Vekaria and Val Stevenson, for this 90-minute interactive webinar where you will:

  • Be introduced to the Emotional Resilience Framework
  • Learn about the competencies and skills that make up emotional resilience
  • Discuss how you can use this to help yourself and others
  • Have a better understanding of how our mind and body reacts to emotional triggers
  • Explore the link between emotions and change




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