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UK Virtual Masterclass: Panning for gold – harnessing the power of metaphor in coaching








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The Association for Coaching (AC) is pleased to welcome Lynne Cooper to speak at this Virtual Masterclass Event.  You’ll discover how to work cleanly with metaphor, facilitating your coachees to access unconscious patterns, blocks, feelings, resources and more, leading to transformed outcomes.

Metaphors are fundamental to language, offering a shorthand way of describing something in terms of another thing or experience. In this masterclass we will explore the power of metaphor in coaching as we pan for the gold in our clients’ conscious and unconscious processes which enables them to make the changes they seek.

We’ll focus on how to listen for, invite and elicit metaphors and symbols.  You’ll experience different ways of working with metaphor, with an emphasis on the use of Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling. In this highly practical and interactive event you’ll coach and be coached, developing your experience of this approach in accessing unconscious patterns, blocks, feelings, resources and more, leading to transformed outcomes.

You’ll leave with tools and approaches that you can use in coaching, team coaching and facilitation.

In this Virtual Event you will:

  • Discover how to work with coachee’s metaphors to best effect
  • Experience asking Clean questions and working with a Clean mindset
  • Access the wisdom of the body through metaphor
  • Learn a range of ways to access metaphor
  • Explore how not to ‘mangle’ your clients’ metaphors!
  • Have some fun working with your peers

This event will take place virtually and will be broken down into two 2.5 hour sessions throughout the day,

Speaker Bio

Lynne Cooper, AC Accredited Master Executive Coach and Accredited Coaching Supervisor, has been coaching leaders and teams for over 20 years and supervising coaches and coaching supervisors since 2009.  She is an Honorary Life Fellow of the Association for Coaching and former AC, UK Head of Standards & Accreditation and Vice Chair.

A pioneer in the use of Clean Language in organisational interventions for nearly 20 years, Lynne models this approach within her practice. She is the co-developer of the popular and powerful Five-Minute Coach, a fast to learn and easy to use Clean coaching model. She is a tutor on several AC accredited coach trainings, a faculty member for a leading Coaching Supervisor Diploma and runs CPD workshops for coaches and supervisors.  Lynne is also a book author and contributor.


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