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Virtual training course with Team Focus

TYPE MAPPING is one of the most impactful way to promote both Individual and Team development.  We all know how some of what we do is driven by our context, other behaviour is driven by our preference.  By recognising that ‘what I do’ is not always ‘who I am’ it creates a much more realistic framework for personal growth and behavioural change – and promotes the idea that many personalities can be behaviourally flexible.  Self-awareness is the key to this process and Type Mapping goes beyond other Type approaches (such as MBTI) by offering a powerful and integrated model operationalised through 5 questionnaires.

What is involved?

There is pre-course work accessible online allowing sufficient familiarisation for you to be able to achieve British Psychological Society (BPS) and the European Federation of Psychological Associations (EFPA) certificates of competence.

  • First virtual meeting: to meet each other, to set expectations and to get an overview of Type Mapping – its development, its purpose, and its range. Access to the online modules 1-3 to be completed before 2nd virtual meeting.
  • Second virtual meeting: review online modules 1-3. Instructions for completing TDI, MTRi and ITPQ prior to completing modules 4 and 5.
  • Third virtual meeting: Review module 4, receive TDI reports, discuss self-estimates versus TDI results.
  • Fourth virtual meeting: Review module 5, receive MTRi reports, discuss self-estimates versus MTRi results. Orientation for modules 6, 7 and 8 and preparation for supervised feedback sessions.
  • Fifth virtual meeting: supervised feedback session followed by post course work briefing which involves reviewing a case study and then writing up the feedback session as a further case study.
  • Sixth virtual meeting: Reflections, learnings and CPD.
  • Seventh virtual meeting: This is for those who wish to also gain BPS accreditation.
  • Virtual meetings are usually 90-120 mins

Who will be your tutors on the course?

This course will be led by Roy Childs – the developer of the Type Mapping system (together with Steve Myers) and who wrote the Chapter describing the approach in the book ‘Psychometrics in Coaching’. Roy is also a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Consultant Editor for the BPS Test Review process and a BPS Verifier for this level of course.

What are the rewards?

On successful completion you will have access to all 5 questionnaires and, depending on your needs, you can choose two levels of qualification as follows:

Registered Practitioner: delegates become eligible to purchase and use the five Type Mapping online or paper questionnaires.

BPS and EFPA Certificates: the course is verified to enable course delegates to receive the internationally recognised certificates of competence known as Test User Personality (formerly Level B) if certain pre-requisites have been met

Published rate: £975 + VAT

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