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Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. Søren Kierkegaard

Transpersonal coaching is based on transpersonal psychology and actively engages with our Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) building on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and ecosystemic thinking to enable deeper and broader perspectives on the challenges we face today.

This 2-day workshop (10am – 5.30pm) was originally designed by Hetty Einzig and coaching pioneer John Whitmore based on the psychosynthesis model of Roberto Assagioli. Hetty worked with John for many years, shaping the field of Transpersonal Coaching and extending the reach of coaching within organisations.

Transpersonal coaching proposes a view of existence and a way of looking at reality in which our sense of identity extends beyond (trans) the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, psyche and cosmos. The transpersonal emphasises our interdependence, includes the collective and the universal, and goes beyond the psyche to include the spiritual – that which fires and sustains our spirit.

The programme offers effective models and tools based within a robust, ethical framework of ‘secular spirituality’ (Einzig 2017) that together can support coaches as they partner with leaders, helping them adapt to change, but also to enact change for pro-social, beyond-self goals. Now more than ever, when the capacity to engage with critical and urgent global challenges is key, we need to work holistically, ecosystemically, ethically and with a networked mindset.

This introductory programme will give you values-based coaching principles and techniques to help your clients discover the power and effectiveness of who they are and create deep and meaningful change. Practising transpersonal coaching will help you understand how self-mastery, multiplicity, authenticity and whole ecosystems are paramount to authentic and effective leadership of oneself and others.

Emotions and the transpersonal
5 Forces of psychology
What is the transpersonal? Why now?
The transpersonal model of the psyche
2 Dimensions of Growth
Multiplicity & unity: working with Sub-Personalities and dis-identification
Creative working with pain, crisis and failure
The Bigger Picture – interdependence and values
Energy – Will and Love

About Hetty

Hetty brings 25 years of psychology and executive coaching experience to global leadership development. A best-selling author, her career has spanned the arts, journalism, media, health and policy development in the private, public and voluntary sectors. She designs and delivers leader-coach and global corporate culture change programmes. Key focuses are women’s leadership, Transpersonal Coaching and regenerative coaching for contribution. She works systemically and holistically founded on transpersonal psychology informed by psychoanalysis and embodiment approaches. She teaches at the Irish Management Institute, is Senior Associate Director  with Common Purpose, and she also coaches, teaches and facilitates in French.

Recent publications: The Future of Coaching: vision, leadership and responsibility in a transforming world
published by Routledge; article “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”


“Hetty helped me see myself from a different perspective. In this society we tend to compare everybody against the same “perfection standards”….Still, most advice you find about work tries to lead us, poor silly sheep, through the same narrow path. Hetty helped me understand the beauty and value of diversity, and accept my differences. I think I will tattoo that sentence in my arm: “you are enough”…I have to be my own masterpiece, I cannot pretend to be steel if I am wood, but I can still make a beautiful sculpture. Hetty was … wise and generous. I only wish I can someday coach my kids the way she coached me. … This world is full of beautiful people! Thanks, to her and to you, for being there, ready to listen to our dirt and make flowers bloom out of it.” (EH, Director, Environmental conservation, Spain)

“I found these days both challenging and highly enjoyable! I really feel you shared a powerful tool with us… I have been practicing the coaching model and it’s been fantastic!… I’ve found it works well… over the phone … I have achieved my first commitment… And of course I continue with my second commitment – to remain focused on this change in culture for the long term… and reap the benefits of this new mind set!…” (AD, Team Leader, luxury brand, Australia)

“The strategies I created with Hetty for managing everything from challenging personalities, work-life balance, and issues around taking leadership, I still use regularly. I found the honesty, directness and challenging conversations that took place between the two of us incredibly enlightening and helpful at a critical point in my career development.” (HW, Director, start-up charity, London)

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