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Top 3 Skills For Coaching Mastery - complimentary webinar








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Webinar with Alison Haill

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Three top skills that give coaching clients double benefits
  • What they look like and how to use them
  • Why these are my ‘Top Three’ today
  • Why it is important to develop coaching mastery.

This is a webinar for experienced and successful Executive Coaches who want to build a more sustainable profitable coaching business in 2020, so they can earn a good living and give great value to clients over the long term.

It is not suited for coaches starting out, where it is more important to build a confident foundation with the basic core skills.


Bonus Gifts

  • Alison Haill on “How to Charge What You’re Worth And Get It®” 30-minute interview recording packed with ideas, insights and strategies
  • Ten Top Pricing Reminders
  • Invitation to my new Coaching Group, starting shortly.


  • Q: Will I get the recording if I attend the webinar?
  • A: Yes! And if you attend live you are more likely to take action. And you can listen again to the high points.


  • Q: Will I get the recording if I don’t attend live?
  • A: As long as you register for the webinar, you can be sure of receiving the recording.


  • Q: Will the webinar be recorded as a video or audio?
  • A: You will get the audio recording but if you attend the webinar itself you will see Alison in person.


  • Q: Do I get the bonuses if I don’t attend live?
  • A: Obviously we’d like live attendees! All the same, if you register you WILL get the bonus gifts even if you cannot attend the webinar live.

How to register

Email with ”I want to register for Top 3 Skills For Coaching Mastery on 12 Nov.”

Alison Haill is an experienced Executive Coach and Leadership Communication specialist, author of two books for managers and coaches in the workplace ‘How To Coach Your Team Into Superstars’ and ‘The S-Factor Coaching Handbook.’

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