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3 Day Workshop - Time to Think: Developing a Thinking Partnership






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“One of the most valuable gifts we can offer each other is the framework in which to think for ourselves” – Nancy Kline.

Most of the time, many of us listen just long enough to hear the gist of what another is saying and then think about our response, how we want to reply, give a direction or make a diagnosis.  If we want to truly generate high quality thinking in others, we must suppress this need to respond, and listen to generate the thoughts of others.

As coach or a leader involved in developing others on a 1:1 basis, you will need to get comfortable with the paradox of being so present with your attention and your listening that you are invisible. You will need to get comfortable with the fact that you don’t matter at all because in fact you matter profoundly as you provide attention and ask laser like questions to generate independent thinking in others.

Facilitated by Jane Adshead-Grant, this 3-day Time to Think Thinking Partnership open programme will help you to take your coaching and leadership skills to a new level.  The programme is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) with 21 1/2 continuous coaching education credits (CCEs) and 2 Resource Development credits.

What other’s have said:

“Jane’s Thinking Partner Programme delivered intelligent, rigorous teaching and skills practice with patience and grace.  Having attended, I have complete faith in the process and a renewed faith in mankind’s ability to work through anything when given the respect, time and space to do so. Thank you Jane for this wonderful learning opportunity”.

“As a coach I understand the importance of creating a coaching space and using my intuition to ‘hear’ what is unsaid.  The Thinking Partnership training I undertook with Jane Adshead-Grant has brought a deeper dimension to my coaching practice: I have discovered the power of creating a space for a client to explore uninterrupted, verbalised thinking cycles is remarkable. At the same time, as a coach I have learned the power of silent attention: instead of asking the power question, I create the space for my client to ask it of themselves. This self-exploration, combined with examination of assumptions and incisive questioning, in my opinion, results in a more complete coaching conversation because the client reaches absolute clarity on their goals, and absolute conviction on the action they will take”.

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Jane Adshead-Grant is an accredited coach, facilitator and teacher with Time To Think.

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