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Time to Think 2-day Foundation Programme, Essex






Greenwoods Hotel Spa & Retreat, Stock Road, Ingatestone


£ 800

“The quality of everything we do as human beings depends upon the quality of the thinking we do first.”  Nancy Kline, Pioneer of the Thinking Environment® and best selling author.
So what does it take for us to think for ourselves with rigour, imagination, courage and grace?
It seems that what helps us think well for ourselves is the way in which we are treated by other people around us.  There are 10 behaviours that seem to help the most.  These we call the 10 Components of a Thinking Environment®.   To apply these, together with structures for good thinking in pairs and groups, is to improve the quality of everyone’s thinking and of the outcome of every interaction.

On the Foundation programme you will explore and practice nine applications of the Thinking Environment, which you will be able to incorporate into your life and work.

During the two-day programme you will…

  • Discover the high quality thinking the 10 behaviours produce.
  • Discuss the importance of this expertise for working superbly as colleagues, leaders and teams.
  • See a Thinking Partnership Session and its effectiveness in producing thinking breakthroughs.
  • Explore and practice the ways everyday work and business communication structures such as meetings, dialogue, presentations, facilitation and working with colleagues can be transformed into clear-thinking, invigorating, positive experiences.

What other’s have said . . .

“You truly embody the 10 Components in your work: the venue was great, the participants warm, encouraging and engaging and your facilitation of the programme was, as I said earlier, transformative. I enjoyed the programme immensely and my head is buzzing with new, and surprising thoughts – and I appreciate that very much.” Michael Butler, Non-Executive Director, Coach and Facilitator.

About Jane . . .

I am an Accredited Time to Think Coach, Facilitator, Teacher, and a member of the Time to Think Collegiate and have trained predominately with Nancy Kline.

I am passionate about creating an environment for others to generate more of their independent thinking. I believe that by listening more to others, both the listener and the speaker become more, as individuals. In offering this training,

I hope to promote more thinking environments both inside and outside of organisations. Furthermore I am keen to facilitate others to experience the profound impact of generating independent thinking in this world of increasing competition, complexity and time pressure.

Contact me here to reserve your place or simply have a conversation to find out more: or +44 7813 167252

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