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A thinking space for experienced coaches.

Connect with fellow coaching experts and explore the vast and bountiful territory that lies ‘Beyond Technique’. Sara ‘Zora’ Boas developed this focus in her mentor coaching, in response to two opposed but equally limiting trends. On the one hand, formulaic coaching that stays strictly within the lines of conventions and techniques. On the other hand, coaches who eschew structure in favour of their own gut reactions and felt sense. In this thinking space, Zora invites us to share and further develop our views on the relationship between the craft skills and the artistry of coaching. Topics that may arise for debate and discovery include what constitutes a powerful intervention, how to offer an alternative frame to our client’s thinking, and value of interruption, storytelling, and self-disclosure in the context of our practice as ICF credentialed coaches.

The session is designed with seasoned MCC and PCC coaches in mind, but is open to all.

Presenter – Sara Boas

Sara ‘Zora’ Boas, MCC, is the Founding Director of Boas Partners, a global leadership and organisational development consultancy with an ethos of co-creation. Zora has been coaching professionally for over 30 years and has worked with thousands of individuals and corporates across 100 countries, on five continents. She is a pioneer of the coaching profession, having founded her coaching business several years before the ICF existed. In 2007, Zora was a recipient of the Leadership Gurus Award of Excellence. This award is bestowed upon individuals who have attained the recognition of their peers and the general public for the originality, practicality and impact of their ideas, and for their visionary leadership. Her subscription membership, LIFEdance Community, brings coaches and leaders from around the world together to refine and deepen the art of co-creative conversation. Her LIFEdance Academy also serves the coaching profession, with accredited mentor coaching, masterclasses, business growth education, and a transformational Accredited Coach Training Program.

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