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£ 795

Starting September 2024 registration is now open for a new Supervision group aimed at supporting Therapeutic Coaches

  • Are you a Therapeutic Coach looking for a different supervisory experience?
  • Need a fresh perspective in Supervision?
  • If you’ve been with the same supervisor for years then maybe it’s time for a change.

It’s easy to get into a routine in supervision when the relationship becomes comfortable and familiar. This can be positive, it can also result in complacence. Aspects of your practice might be over-looked or assumptions made.

If your practice is developing to include more therapeutic approaches, you may even have outgrown your supervisor in terms of the direction of your practice or your expertise.

A change doesn’t have to be permanent and it doesn’t have to mean the end of your current supervisory relationship. The existing relationship can be positively impacted just by experiencing something new.

Tracey Hartshorn offers supportive, experiential and engaging supervision for Coaches and Therapeutic Coaches.

Meeting for 6 months, this group is limited to 6 participants who will meet every month for 2 hours. Facilitated by Tracey, this is a closed group enabling a safe and confidential space to be created where members are encouraged to bring any aspect of their practice.

A WhatsApp group will be created to enable participants to connect and build relationships alongside the meetings.

Book an Introductory call here Intro call or email me at for further details.

About Tracey

I’m Tracey Hartshorn, Coach, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Author and Founder of “The Blended Approach” for Therapeutic Coaching.

I offer a collaborative style of supervision based on the principle that the supervisee already knows the answer to the questions and issues they bring to supervision.

My aim is not to provide wisdom, knowledge, an inspirational quote or book recommendation (ok maybe the latter). My aim is to provide an environment of trust which enables you to grow through awareness of your own experiencing and that of your clients.

Its an experiential process focussed on your growth and the coach you wish to be.

Early bird prices are available now.

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