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The 'Pillars of Productivity'








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The contemporary workplace makes for a challenging environment: distractions, competing demands, email inboxes, relationships with others and challenges to a healthy work-life balance can contribute to stress, dissatisfaction and a lack of productivity.

This session, hosted in Dublin by the Psychological Society of Ireland, will cover a new and pragmatic approach to boosting personal productivity. Eschewing inflexible rules or systems, this set of productivity ‘pillars’ represent principles for the professional to interpret and build into their way of working and local context as appropriate.

This includes:

  • Gaining a sense of purpose and meaning
  • Establishing valuable priorities
  • Bringing a sense of presence and focus to tasks
  • Understanding your own and others’ perspectives
  • Dealing effectively with psychological discomfort

The ‘Pillars of Productivity’ model can be used in one-to-one coaching contexts as well as team development and is informed by the mechanisms underpinning psychological flexibility.

Dr. Richard A. MacKinnon is a chartered psychologist, registered coaching psychologist and associate fellow of the British Psychological Society. He is the founder and managing director of WorklifePsych, a consultancy specialising in people development. Richard provides coaching, training and structured development programmes, centred on three core topics: productivity, wellbeing and professional effectiveness.

Richard splits his time between London and Dublin. he’s a co-founder of the Psychology for Business meetup group in Dublin, a co-founder of the Personal Development at work meetup in London and co-host on the fortnightly podcast about work, ‘My Pocket Psych‘.

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