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In the new normal created by the Covid-19 pandemic, there is increased talk about mental health issues. Life is precarious and uncertain, and so the need to be more robust as a coach is vital. Hosted by EMCC, this free webinar responds by enabling coaches and mentors to explore the interface between coaching and therapy.

The webinar will:
• Look at the overlap between coaching and counselling
• Help us understand our own anxieties and tap into our brave selves
• Explore how trauma can show up in coaching and how to manage
• Discuss some tools that already step across the divide and recognise where we are already working across the interface
• Enable us to gain from shared stories, and have our primary need – to belong – met as we speak with each other

Speaker – Susie Flashman Jarvis
Susie Flashman Jarvis is an accredited executive coach and therapist. She combines her 20 years of therapy work to create a therapeutic model of coaching. Susie works with senior leaders within corporates, as well as business owners from SME to the charitable sector. Her clients come to her with a wide variety of issues, including anxiety, bereavement, feelings of being overwhelmed, career transition, the challenge of being newly promoted, being a leader, and more.
Susie is an author and speaker, and shares her story of freedom from addiction as well as her passion to see women freed from domestic abuse. Her core value, to bring hope and light, pushes her on to facilitate the people she works with to be all they can be.

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