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The Association for Coaching (AC) is pleased to welcome Georgina Woudstra and Allard de Jong to speak at our interactive Virtual Masterclass Event ‘The Heart of Real Team Coaching’ this November.

The complexity of the world’s problems today demands brilliant collaboration. There’s a huge role for team coaching in enabling this. Our profession is exploding, thought leaders abound and it seems like new insights are published every month. But as practitioners we have found that these insights do not always reflect the messy reality of team coaching.

Join this interactive and experiential virtual event, where we will explore the heart of real team coaching and how to work flexibly and impactfully in the here-and-now with teams.

During this virtual event you will:

  • Unpack the notion of real team coaching
  • Explore ‘being’ a team coach, versus ‘doing’ team coaching
  • Deep dive into the heart of the Team Coaching Studio model, namely the 3 meta-skills of team coaching: Presence, Use of Self and Active Experiments
  • Hold the space and contain discomfort within yourself and the team

Speaker Bio

Georgina Woudstra MCC is the Founder and Principal of the Team Coaching Studio, an organization dedicated to the development of awesome team coaches. The Team Coaching Studio developed the TCS Team Coaching Competencies, which sit at the heart of their approach, one which advocates the power of a coaching mindset and presence in team coaching. Georgina has been coaching since 1993, she is a writer, speaker and a pioneer in the field of team coaching.

Allard de Jong PCC is an ICF certified coach, a certified mentor coach and a Director of the Team Coaching Studio. His basic training was with CTI and he holds a master’s degree in communication studies from the University of California. He has been working with leaders and their teams since 2001 on all 5 continents. Lately he has focused his efforts on bringing people together online, one-on-one and in teams and engaging them in effective virtual conversations, in both facilitation and coaching settings.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Attendance qualifies for CPD and a certificate will be sent to you by email following the event.

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