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The Foundations of a Successful Coaching Business with Alisa Barcan








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The Association for Coaching are pleased to welcome Alisa Barcan to speak at this event dedicated to coaches who wish to learn the essential elements of building a successful coaching business. From choosing a coaching niche and ideal client to putting together a coaching offering, marketing, selling, legal practicalities and mindset – the event will cover all these topics and more.

About the Event:

Being a great coach is a pre-requisite of running a successful coaching business.  However, although necessary, it is not sufficient. Having coaching skills will take you halfway there. The other half of the journey requires business development skills – marketing, selling, strategic thinking, etc. – skills that many coaches are not familiar with.

You might have been dabbling with building a coaching business for a while, learning from trial and error, and making some progress. That is a legitimate way of learning, but it takes time. Time during which you could be coaching and making an impact. The information you find online is sometimes confusing and different sources might even contradict each other – it’s difficult to distinguish between good and bad business advice.

The Foundations of a Successful Coaching Business masterclass intends to shorten the learning curve by offering you a complete overview of what you need to know to build a business. From choosing a coaching niche and ideal client to putting together a coaching offering, marketing, selling, legal practicalities and mindset, the workshop will cover all these topics and more.

The masterclass includes practical exercises, either individual or in groups. There will be time for you to apply the tools to your own business, brainstorm ideas with fellow coaches and ask questions. You can expect to walk away with an understanding of what a successful coaching business involves and clarity around what you need to focus on next.

Part 1

10:00 (BST)/ 11:00 (CEST) – Event commences

12:30 (BST)/ 13:30 (CEST) – Finish

Part 2

13:30 (BST)/ 14:30 (CEST) – Event commences

16:00 (BST)/ 17:00 (CEST) – Finish

During this Virtual Event learn to:
  • Identify coaching niche and ideal client
  • Confidently articulate the benefits of coaching services
  • Put together a coaching offering
  • Understand the selling process and psychology
  • Think strategically about businesses
  • Create a plan for how to build a successful coaching business
Speaker Bio:

Alisa Barcan is the founder of The Savvy Corner, a safe space for people to talk openly and honestly about money. As a Financial Coach and Business Mentor, she helps coaches build financially viable coaching businesses.

Her clients and audience are individuals who are passionate about coaching and wish to make a great impact but lack the skills to turn their passion into a business.

With a background in accountancy, Alisa imparts financial knowledge to her clients but also helps them identify and change bad money habits and beliefs which prevent them from confidently selling their services.

Alisa uses a combination of standard coaching techniques, innovative approaches rooted in behavioural economics & gaming theory and traditional financial and business models to facilitate results which are impactful and lasting. Her approach to building a business revolves around financial viability – can your business support you and itself financially?

You can also find her on YouTube channel.

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