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The Application of Mindfulness in Coaching with Gary Young








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Join Gary Young for this 2 hr Association for Coaching (AC) Virtual Event and enjoy an introduction to mindfulness, understand how it can support wellbeing and personal growth and how it can be applied to support and enhance your coaching practice.


About this Event:

This interactive Virtual Event will explore an individual’s personal experience of a mindfulness meditation practice. We will highlight how meditation can be a source of great insight, discovery and elevated awareness regarding the nature and tendencies of the mind and how we relate to our present moment experience.

Participants will get a better understanding of the benefits of developing their own personal practice as a means of supporting their own development and enhance their coaching practice.


In this Virtual Event you will:

  • Understand how mindfulness can help change the world
  • Understand the main supports available to develop a greater level of presence.
  • Learn how to manage distraction (internal / external)
  • Be guided through some mindfulness meditation practice
  • Gain insight on how mindfulness changes the brain
  • Learn mindfulness techniques to support your coaching practice
  • Understand how to develop the skills of deep listening and trust emergence to retain full intuitive presence during coaching sessions
  • Understand the characteristics of mindful enquiry


Speaker Bio:

Gary Young is the founder of The Mindful Enterprise CIC, a social enterprise launched in 2017, primarily to help tackle the rising problem of mental health issues across society.

The enterprise specialises in mindfulness, wellbeing and resilience, providing seminars and training to businesses and individual consumers and uses its profits to deliver subsidised mindfulness-based training to the education sector and deprived communities.

Gary is a mindfulness and well-being coach, speaker and facilitator, accredited through The Mindfulness Association, providing courses, seminars, retreats and 1:1 life coaching.


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