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The ABC of Art Based Coaching with Anna Sheather








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Hosted by the Association for Coaching, this 2hr Virtual Event introduces participants to art based coaching as a coaching model in its own right. Anna shares with you this powerful approach, enabling you to start to experience it for yourself and see the possibilities and opportunities for your clients. In particular, how art deepens and enriches our conversations; enabling clients to access a deeper level of awareness, personal meaning and understanding.

In this experiential session Anna will explore and introduce you to Art Based Coaching.

Clients can find it hard to find the words to make sense of their current situation and imagine their futures, especially through the pandemic. Art provides a language that enables clients to connect with their emotions and experiences – providing a language for the intangible, the complex and paradoxical, and that which is just outside of awareness.

Here art is not about creating a master piece. It is about self expression through line, shape, colour, form and texture. A client’s image could be a drawing, painting, collage or sculpture and it is something we can all do.

In this session Anna will cover:

  • The background and context to art based coaching
  • The language of art and why it is so important in coaching
  • Through practical exercises explore the systemic, embodied and transformational aspects of this approach
  • Be introduced to the Anna’s framework for art based coaching
  • Understand the benefits of working this way for our clients, and for ourselves
  • Be aware of the ethics and boundaries of art based coaching

In this Virtual Event you will:

  • Become aware of your own responses to creativity
  • Have experienced Art Based Coaching for yourself giving you a greater insight into this approach
  • Know if this is an approach that you would like to explore further as part of your coaching practice

Speaker Bio

Anna Sheather is an executive coach and coach supervisor who also paints and, as Anna has developed and grown as a coach, the more she has been drawn to combining her passion for creating with her passion for coaching.

Anna uses art in her own coaching and supervision practice, as well as runs workshops for coaches sharing her approach and learning. The area Anna most enjoys is creating those behavioural transformational shifts that bring Anna’s coachees the success they are looking for.  Art plays an invaluable role in achieving this. Anna also thoroughly enjoys her supervision work and art comes in here too as it is a great way to unpick those conundrums and make visible the hidden processes and dynamics in our work.

This has all come together in Anna’s book, ‘Coaching Beyond Words – Using Art to Deepen and Enrich Our Conversations’, Routledge 2019. More formerly, Anna is an accredited APECS Executive Coach, a member of the AC and qualified supervisor and has been running Élan Coaching, since January 2007 and ART in Coaching since 2016.


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