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Do you believe that the way to achieve better performance is to be a servant to your people and your organisation?  If you do, then this workshop is for you.  You will develop your awareness, skills and beliefs to become a better agile coach or ‘Scrum Master’ or a better team player.  You will do this for your team, your organisation but also for yourself.


This workshop facilitated by Jon Sleeper is suitable for executive leaders, team members, scrum masters, agile coaches, or anyone else who wants to develop themselves or their organisation to be self-managing and high-performing.  Participants should familiarise themselves with the agile manifesto.

Learning Objectives

For each participant to develop their understanding of coaching, systems thinking and servant leadership.  By the end of the session each participant will be more aware; of the capabilities of an agile coach, about their potential as an agile coach and have some concrete actions to take forward in their development.  The workshop will enable participants to be better at what they do, to be more motivated and more productive.

Course Outline

The day has been specifically designed to develop participant’s coaching skills in Active Listening, Powerful Questioning, Goal Setting, Developing Trust and Servant Leadership.  It makes use of the Agile Coaching Competency Framework (Agile Coaching Institute) and incorporates Coaching Constellations Concepts by creating a living dynamic map that participants can use to explore and create their perception of their own capability in this field.  Participants will not only learn more about themselves, they will experience coaching, use a competency model to gain feedback and identify options to take forward.  By exploring these principles together in this workshop, learning will emerge within the group and action can arise in the practice that can be applied back at work.


Jon Sleeper is a Professional and Agile Coach with 30 years’ experience, delivering and shaping new technology products.  Jon enjoys coaching people to help them to evolve and adapt to achieve their goals and ambitions.

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