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Hosted by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council

Guillermo explores a systemic approach to team coaching based on the principles of systemic constellations and embodied awareness. He’ll be sharing some of the underlying concepts and provide examples of the impact that the felt sense of the emerging team dynamics has when working with groups and team coaching.

Guest Speaker

Guillermo Rogel is an experienced coach, team coach and Gestalt Organisational Development Practitioner. As a meditation practitioner and yoga teacher, Guillermo has integrated somatic practices with behavioural sciences and coaching.  His work experiences have been for global charities and the UK healthcare system, working with leaders across multiples levels of complex systems.


Karen Walsh supports teams to thrive and improve performance through leadership coaching, team coaching, team development and organisation development. She specialises in health care and local government.

Karen, together with Ivan Beaumont and Bob Gibbon, co-founded this team coaching special interest group.

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