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Hosted by the Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision.

A series of webinars presented by APECS Board members Andy Matheson and Chris Smith.

Our aim is to provide a space for experienced coaches to share and learn. People new to the process can pick up practical tools and ideas and frame their future development needs.

Participants will feel more confident in approaching a team coaching assignment. The sessions will explore key issues such as contracting, planning, engaging the team and working collaboratively with the team.

Series of 3 Workshops

If you have considered exploring team coaching more deeply then this is an opportunity for you.

• Workshop 1 (Contracting)

A detailed exploration of our role as a team coach, how we can engage with the team in advance and prepare ourselves.

• Workshop 2 (Working Together) – 11th October 2023 – Click here to book workshop 2

Building a safe environment, tools, techniques and frameworks that we may use during the sessions. Building accountability.

• Workshop 3 (Reflections) – 31st October 2023 – Click here to book workshop 3

Sharing our learning and exploring success stories and challenges. Reviewing progress.

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