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From Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy at CoachME


As part of our continual development program, we are delighted to announce the next SUPERvision Group providing Systemic Supervision for Team Coaches and Team Co-Coaches. 

Delivered by ICF MCCs and EMCC MPs who are also Accredited SUPERvisors (EMCC ESIA), SUPERvision published Authors and Researchers this pioneering reflective space for co-creation of awareness and solutions enables  explore around the challenges and opportunities of team and board coaching. 

WHAT YOU GAIN: 10 ICF CCE (Resource Development) and further CCEs in Core Competencies depending on the topics brought to the group.

What are the benefits of Systemic Group Supervision for Team/Board Coaches and Co-Coaches?

This is a reflective space for you as Team Coaching professionals at various stages of your career to explore together the encounters of team coaching from pricing, pitching and promotion, clarifying, diagnosing and contracting, managing projects, creating team coaching road maps and assessing return on investment. 

You will have the opportunity to work through individual/Co-Coach ‘real’ case-studies members of the group are working upon.

You will deepen your team coaching wisdom in terms of skills, knowledge and behaviours, signature presence and so forth. 

The learning space is ‘held’ by EMCC Master Practitioners in Team Coaching, EMCC Accredited SUPERvisors, ICF MCCs and Registered Mentor Coaches, Certified Agile Coaches, SCRUM Master IIs, and ICF Subject Matter Experts in Team Coaching, who are trained in Team Coaching SUPERvision, re Association of Coach Supervisor Leads on Research and Outreach, who also have Team and Board Coached internally and externally across sectors globally, with Fortune 100s to not-for-profits. 

You will have the benefit of being in supervision with a Systemic Group Supervisor and the wider reflection that comes from the collective wisdom of the group.

In committing to this Group SUPERvision, you agree to partake fully (ideally on camera) partnering in resourcing, supporting, and benchmarking with all participants and leaders. You acknowledge that you want to improve your practice, will adhere to the ICF, AOCS and EMCC codes of Ethics, and will endeavour to practice the learning from the sessions with your Teams and Boards to provide, impact, value and positive systemic impact. 


DATES: Wednesday 8th February 2023, Wednesday 8th March 2023, Wednesday 12th April 2023, Wednesday 10th May 2023, Wednesday 14th June, Wed 05th July 2023.    1.5 hours per session.

TIMINGS: 8am EST, 1pm UK, 4pm Qatar, 6.30pm India (January, February and March 2023)

TIMINGS: 8am EST, 2pm UK, 4pm Qatar, 6.30pm India (April, May and June 2023)

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