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Hosted by the EMCC UK – European Mentoring & Coaching Council

We usually want to protect the investments we make such as career choice or client benefit. Explore the intention of supervision, why it makes sense and the consequences of believing “supervision is a ‘nice to have’ and I’m not convinced about its value.” Practice scenarios illustrate how supervision features as a preventative or curative approach. Dilemma – discuss – disentangle!

1. What are the main contents of the webinar?
• Checking out the understanding of what is supervision
• Level of interest in supervision
• What makes some not bother with supervision?
• What are some of the benefits of supervision illustrated with topics brought to practice?
• What are some of the dilemmas that have created issues?

2. Why these contents are “key” for the CPD of a professional Coach?
• A responsibility to clients for working ethically and professionally
• An agreement to work with a Global code of ethics.
• How would you like to have your car serviced by a mechanic who hasn’t kept up with latest developments in car maintenance – would you feel safe driving the car?
• Investing in self by recognising supervision as a way of practice development
• Who helps you in a similar way as you help your clients.

Guest Speaker 

Dr Lise Lewis is an EMCC Global Special Ambassador and a past President (2011-2017) of EMCC Global.  Lise is an international award-winning coach, coach supervisor, EMCC accredited Master Practitioner Coach and ESIA Coach Supervisor.  She runs Bluesky International a global provider of EMCC accredited Coach, Mentor and Coach Supervisor training.  Following her Doctorate in Executive Coaching, Lise focuses her practice on Relational Leadership and wrote Relational Feedback: Why Feedback Fails and How to Make it Meaningful.

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