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Summer Sight Workshop - increase self-awareness at a deep level to reduce stress & improve balance in your life






Cambridgeshire, UK


£ 125 (Early bird rate £99)

This “Summer Sight” workshop is run by Executive Coach Margaret Walsh & Katharine Peel using skills & knowledge from Therapy/Coaching and Mindfulness. They will work with you to examine your sense of sight and by unveiling who you are on the inside and in the world.

The workshop is aimed at anyone who feels they would like to maximise their potential and live in a way which feels true or right for them. You could be a professional who feels stressed much of the time or an individual who is aware of making themselves ‘fit in’ rather than work in authentic ways.

It will benefit anyone to gain an insight into themselves and wants to feel more empowered and consciously aware of the choices that they make.

How we see ourselves and who we are in the world affects everything.   Yet, often we are not consciously aware of the different parts of our identity and there are some aspects to which we are blind.  This workshop gives you time and space in nature in summer when light is at its brightest to see yourself more clearly.

We will explore questions like:

  • How do you see your true nature?
  • What is held within you, out of sight from others?
  • What is your Vision for yourself in the future?

This workshop offers both a time and space to consider these bigger questions, as well as a practical space to gain insights and plans for the future.  By attending this workshop, you will increase your emotional intelligence through having greater self-awareness.  Additionally, you will learn how to regulate your emotions more effectively, by noticing how you feel earlier and changing your behaviour.

Click on the ‘more info’ above to book your place. £99 early bird discount until 19th May, then £125.

Executive Coach, Margaret Walsh has an extensive background in Human Resources working across all employment sectors, and understands the demands that leaders and managers face in these often stressful and uncertain times.


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