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Success Planning Workshop 2023








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Free online Success Planning workshop hosted by Alison Haill

Book your place and perfect your planning!

Walk away with:
• Clear goals for 2023
• Specific objectives in format to suit you
• Self-belief boosted via structured activities
• Optimism and clarity from guided visualisation
• Inspiration from reminders and insights
• Practical ideas to action with ease
• Confident mindset for the year ahead

Feeling start-of-year sluggish?
Or full of energy and dynamism?

Either way this workshop is designed to give you space for reflection, planning and decisions :
• To clarify and focus your thinking
• To galvanise a positive outlook
• To propel you into action.

When: Feb 6
Start: 13.30 (UK time)
Where: on Zoom
Duration: 90 minutes

PLUS get THREE bonuses when you sign up:
1. Practical Workbook
2. Free meeting with me after
3. Recording

Alison Haill

As an Executive Business Coach running her own expertise-based business for the last 23 years, Alison knows what works in today’s businesses. It worked for her coaching practice during the pandemic too, and for the women in her ‘Charge What You’re Worth And Get It’ groups.

Having invested £££s over the years learning from marketing experts herself, she has now distilled the essence of all that learning to share it with you, combined with her own practical business experience. She has created this structured planning event to share what has worked for her and others, and will work for you.

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