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Stress and the City: How to become positive, confident and resilient








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Sometimes it’s easy to be positive. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it just seems plain impossible.

No matter how much you try, you may find yourself swamped by emotional and physical challenges in life. Confused, uncertain, puzzled, questioning, nervous, bored, angry, de-motivated, isolated, upset, tearful, challenged, anxious – these are some of the emotional and physical states people experience as they undergo stress in the workplace.

In this highly interactive session with Karen Kimberley, discover how all these states can be changed by the power of your mind. Uncover some of the neuroscience that underpins our thought patterns and find out how you can influence your brain state to aid confidence and resilience. Adapt your thinking to shift from unhelpful to resourceful states and apply the latest research to practical challenges such as:

  • How can you overcome anxiety at work and feel calmer?
  • How can you stop worrying about what others think and put yourself first?
  • How can you avoid suffering from imposter syndrome and feeling a fraud?
  • How can you be confident you can deliver the high performance that is needed today?
  • How do you stop envying others confidence and become more assertive?
  • What are the signs to spot you are are fortune telling, always expecting things to go wrong?
  • Top tips to eliminate mind reading and stop second guessing what others think

Your success depends on something you probably never learned or were taught at school – how to be confident. Although we are not born with confidence, it is a skill that we can learn and acquire.

Our three classes show you how:

· How to manage stress and develop resilience – JULY

· How to move from self worth to self acceptance – AUGUST

· How to become confident and make an impact – SEPTEMBER

· Plus takeaway your Gift pack including free confidence CD, workbook and pen

Karen Kimberley has helped hundreds of people with anxiety and helped them to transform their thinking and emotional state to become more positive and energetic with confidence for the future.

With extensive personal experience as a therapist, coach and carer Karen has developed a unique set of strategies that, combined together, create an effective way of combating stress at home and work.

Please note this event has been kindly sponsored by Nintex and therefore we’re able to offer the fantastic price of just £55 + VAT at a brilliant venue in London!

However this does mean that places are very limited and we can only offer this opportunity to 15 people per event – on the 18th July, 23rd August and 13th September – book one or all three for maximum effect.

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