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Standing Up to Imposter Syndrome








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Standing Up to Imposter Syndrome with Lindsey Wheeler and Christina Bachini


Curious about what creativity can being to your practice and how it can help your clients?

Join Lindsey & Christina as they bring the best of their techniques to the coaching world and align them to models and concepts you will easily recognise.

In this 2-hour workshop about the imposter syndrome, you will experience the technique first-hand, so you fully understand how it works and can appreciate the clarity it brings. You are then all set to introduce it into your practice and help your clients make the significant emotional shifts they need to make.

Standing Up to Imposter Syndrome

I would think it is fair to say that many of us feel like an imposter in some situations.  Where it becomes a problem is when we continue to have a belief that we are not good enough even when others tell us that we are good enough and do have the skill or ability.

With this technique, clients are able to see and re-assess what they are measuring themselves against and also learn to be more open to other peoples positive appraisals that they have previously dismissed.

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Do your clients ….

  • Have emotional blocks that are preventing them from getting the outcomes you are working towards?
  • Do you lack the confidence to help your clients make emotional shifts?
  • Recognise that some clients don’t respond to logic
  • Do you have an interest in Neuroscience and the use of metaphor?
  • Do you want creativity back into your own life?

After our workshops

  • Have the tools and techniques to enable transformational breakthroughs to happen
  • Gain better results with your clients and more satisfaction for yourself
  • Your clients have a stronger and longer lasting connection to their outcome
  • Genuinely helping people transform their lives for the better
  • Realise your own potential as a coach or a counsellor – self-actualise
  • Ability to apply creativity on a daily basis

It’s important for you to know that you will be experiencing the creative techniques first-hand (these sessions are not webinars) and working on yourself and your relationship with these topics. We ask that you fully engage to get the most out of our time together, as well as doing your part to support other people who are joining us on the day. In order to do this, you will need both video and audio whilst on the Zoom session.

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Standing Up to Imposter Syndrome – with Lindsey Wheeler & Christina Bachini

Lindsey and Christina partner to deliver these workshops which have been running for several year to the counselling community. Creativity is coming into its own in the coaching world and they are now delighted to share their combined knowledge and techniques with fellow coaches.

Lindsey Wheeler

I come from a sales & marketing background in the Technology sector working for one of the largest global tech giants. After a fortuitous turn in my career to lead the EMEA Training and OD department, I found my real calling, to help people find the career, and life, they want, and I qualified as an NLP practitioner. What brought me to creativity was a strong desire to find new ways to help clients unlock their thinking. I’ve trained in most approaches from GROW to Byron Katie, from Clean Language to Kristin Neff, and a host of tools along the way, and still I felt something was missing. Creativity fills that gap and provides a wonderful way for clients to look deeply at issues and find new insights and new ways of ‘being’.

I continue to use creativity as an Executive coach working with corporate clients, CEO’s, leaders, managers as well as with private clients who are at crossroads in their lives. I have never found seniority a barrier for creativity. Everyone can pick up a pencil. And that’s all it takes.

Lindsey Wheeler   07771 872709


​Christina Bachini

I have been working as a personal coach, team consultant and executive development coach for over 35 years. I trained as a humanistic psychologist and counsellor in the early 1980′s and my passion for creativity and the difference it can make to the coaching or counselling journey has been part of my practice ever since. Over the years I’ve attended many courses on Art Therapy, Sand Play and Creative Arts, working with clay, fabric, threads, images, pastels, paints and metaphor – and I’ve successfully taken these skills into organisations and teams as well as working with them with individuals. I have also developed skills as an NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist and Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling Practitioner and I am also an individual and group coach Supervisor.

I bring a background in understanding the deep structure of what is happening for people, and I work to raise awareness to what is happening at the unconscious level.

Christina Bachini   07970 745356


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