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Space Matters: Coaching with Space and Movement






Richmond TW9, United Kingdom


£ 219

Space Matters: Coaching with Space and Movement

One Day Workshop – 13th December 2017

Utilising the physical environment in which coaching takes place can have a transformative effect on coaching outcomes. This practical one-day workshop is designed for coaches who wish to enhance their coaching mastery by integrating the use of space and movement into their practice using approaches based in Clean Space methodologies.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Utilise, quickly and easily, a range of powerful approaches to gaining new perspectives
  • Confidently introduce and gain a coachee’s commitment to work in new ways
  • Use space as your co-coach, working with environment and movement
  • Facilitate transformational shifts in thinking through working systemically to enable the emergence of new knowledge and insights
  • Remove stuckness and overcome procrastination to achieve outcomes
  • Ask Clean Questions in relation to spatial metaphors
  • Integrate the use of space alongside other coaching approaches for maximum effectiveness

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Lynne Cooper is an experienced, accredited Coach with 18 years’ coaching experience with individuals and teams, working to improve effectiveness, lead through complexity and achieve results. She specialises in coaching for interpersonal success and greater influence.

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