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This group with Coach Supervisor Shirley Thompson has been meeting on Monday mornings every 6-8 weeks. Some flexibility on the next date is possible, but currently scheduled for 19 September, 9.30am-12 noon.

3-4 coaches meet as a peer supervision group. Facilitation is similar to an action learning set, but as coaches get to know one another, regular ‘responsible conversation’ between us can renegotiate how the session works to suit all present.

The prices for 3 sessions is £225, but you can join this one only for £75. Link provided on payment.

Shirley will happily have a prior chat with you about either 1:1 or group supervision if you’re unsure about it.

Facilitator: Shirley Thompson.  email: ; mobile: 07793 745450

About Shirley: loves to help new coaches get established and following the niche they have a passion for. Supervision supports the building of confidence and wisdom to become the coach you want to be.

What you need to do: think about a challenge related to your coaching and know your example situation(s) then be prepared to air it in the group of coaches.

What others say: “I have been working with Shirley as my coaching supervisor for a few months as part of a supervision group. I find her style to be exceptionally helpful. She has pulled together a diverse group of coaches and has a lovely gentle yet challenging style that helps me develop my thinking and skill set.” Gillian Frame.

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