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Sorting Our Selves Out - Workshop






18 Old School Lane, Warwick


£ 7.00

A workshop for coaches dealing with clients facing complex dilemmas.

Do you ever have clients that say “Well there’s part of me that wants to do one thing, but another part of me that wants to do something else”? Quite often when faced with this coaching scenario we’ll work with these two parts and try to resolve the dichotomy without looking beyond to other possible selves that might exist.

During this event, Leadership Coach Tom Dillon will be leading attendees through an exploration of a model designed to explore the different selves that a client might bring to a given situation. Delegates will learn how to uncover the different selves; work with each one to find out what they offer; determine whether they are useful and find a way for the client to move forward using their new learning.

Join Tom on 8th December for a fresh approach to reconciling the often complex voices that clients might bring to coaching dilemmas.

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