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Skills Development: Health Coaching - Bumping into unhealthy clients? – an AC event






Kings Hotel, Oxford Road, High Wycombe


£ 25-45

Skills Development: Health Coaching – Bumping into unhealthy clients? An event run by the Association for Coaching – With Jane Keep

As coaches, we need to be at our best in order to help others. The quality in the way we coach comes first from the quality of our own vitality and wellbeing. Likewise, as coaches, more and more in our busy work and lives we come across health issues in our clients. The question is how to respond, both within ourselves and with the client? Join Jane Keep to find out more. AC Members £25 Non-members £45 (including VAT)

Health Coaching is an emerging niche, valuable and worthwhile for coachees and offering a huge opportunity for the professional development of coaches. Without our own healthy foundation, the impact of health coaching on others may not be as effective – after all, as coaches is there not potential for us to offer inspiration to clients to maximise the effect of health coaching?

Our Coaching Skills Development CPD Workshop is suitable for coaches working in health coaching across the spectrum of wellness, stress management and health coaching  It will also be relevant for coaches with associated experience considering moving into health coaching and those who want to be better prepared in their own health and assisting clients presenting health issues.

This event will look at our health and coaching and maximising our productivity, as well as consideration as to what enables others to reinvigorate their health and well being. The event will also touch on organizational health, team health and leader health. We will look at what inspires others to deepen their self-care, and how to support sustainable change to health and well being – as a coach or as a client. In addition we will consider practical physical and physiological aspects of health and well-being for productivity gain at work and in life using a variety of tools, questions, and exercises. As our physical body is the instrument through which we work (whether as a coach or as a coachee – no matter what industry or role we play in life) the physical body is our greatest practical tool in life – what better than to consider how best to maintain it, and apply it as we work!

This workshop will first explore quality in relation to our own self-care, health and vitality as coaches, in addition to exploring health coaching and coaching for health.  This event will be highly participative introducing some relevant theories, practical tools and coaching approaches as well as considerations on ethics and integrity.  Jane has spoken for us previously and has been described as ‘inspiring’ – we very much look forward to welcoming her.

Attendance qualifies for CPD and a Certificate will be emailed to you after the event by the Association for Coaching.

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