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The Association for Coaching (AC) is pleased to welcome Joe Roe and Caroline Anthony to speak at this 1.5 hour Virtual Event.

About this Event:

This event is to support coaches and supervisors that have coachees experiencing mental health issues. Follow the journey of a  coach & supervisor sharing their experience and approach to safe practices within working with emotional and mental health.

Collaboratively explore insight into our own abilities to be of service as coaches holding safe conversations with coachees who are exploring ways forward to manage their well-being that is appropriate for their unique situations.

In this Virtual Event You Will Learn:

●      Mental health continuum awareness

●      Initial discovery session information gathering

●      Checkpoint questions prior to engaging in coaching

●      Self-awareness of self-care within reflective practice

●      Safe practice – within the mental health continuum and own capabilities

●      How to hold safe space if need to refer on to another professional

●      How to promote healthy boundaries within the practice

●      Work/life balance – how this affects the capacity to be of service to coachees

Speaker Bios

Joe Roe – With nearly 20 years of coaching experience and niching into mental health coaching over 6 years ago. Using a beautiful blend of ‘game changing’ Coaching & NLP to regain and maintain clients and her own mental health wealth, with personal lived experience of stress, anxiety, depression, bipolar with manic episodes and psychosis.

Caroline Anthony – Bringing 30 years of experience of supporting children and adults around the fundamentals of emotional and mental wellbeing, to empower them to thrive and succeed within their choices in life.  She supports other coaches through supervision to further develop purposeful coaching practices whilst building good self-care for themselves.

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