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Self-Care and Achieving Balance - ICF Live Webinar








£ 12.50 to 40.00

A visually stimulating presentation with Sandra Crathern ACC to introduce and review the elements that underpin our health and happiness.

A live introduction to my Health Fountain Tool will explain in more depth the areas which need considering in each of the elements.

Completing the health fountain will give the participant not only a snapshot of where they are now, but will uncover and give greater insight into any challenges that they may be facing, that need addressing to improve well-being. Once the participant has connected with any challenges they will be invited to identify and explore their choices and actions to move towards creating greater balance.
Self care and its relationship to achieving balance is often overlooked, and this process will highlight the importance of radical self-care in achieving great balance and good health and happiness.

Key outcomes:

View the elements that underpin your health and take a holistic snapshot of where you are right now.
Consider whether you are balanced and recognise any area(s) that need working on.
Identify bite-size actions that you need to take to work successfully towards your goals.

Your Speaker : Sandra Crathern

• Trained Nurse (30+ years)
• NLP Master Practitioner Life Coach ACC Accredited Coach
• Specialism: Health & Wellbeing

After spending over 30 years as a Registered Nurse I founded Innavision to help people identify areas in their lives that are not as balanced as they could be. As a Health and Wellbeing specialist using some unique tools I have created I work with clients to evaluate whether their physical and emotional health are well balanced. By harnessing specialist techniques clients can expect empathy, respect, understanding and most of all a sense of direction.

In 2007 I trained as an NLP master practitioner life coach and specialised in Health and Wellbeing. I obtained my ACC Accreditation in 2016.
I am a regular speaker at Champneys Health Spa, and for the Peel Cruise Agency as well as at businesses and events both nationally and internationally as a motivational speaker.

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