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Marie Quigley would like to offer you a complimentary place on our ‘Reflection Space’ session on Monday 7th June from 10.30am -11.30 UK . It’s a 1 hour space to do both self reflection and group reflection on your coaching practice.

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Why include a reflective practice in my coaching practice?

Many professions and industries – particularly focused on learning and development – recognise the importance of self reflective practices. Professions such as teachers, therapists and of course coaches.

Self reflection allows you to adjust respond more confidently to issues/opportunities and assists you to become aware of your underlying beliefs and assumptions about what you do, who you are being and how you can support the people you work with even better.

What is Empower World’s intention for the reflective space?

The intention of this regular monthly online one hour event is to provide you with a regular an empowering habit of self reflection in a safe, connected and creative space in which reflection on your practice and who you are being as a coach, practitioner can occur.

As part of the programme, each month you will receive different ideas, processes and exercises to help support the many various and creative ways you can utlitilise to reflect upon your practice.

What are the benefits of the programme?

  • Create awareness about your practice and who you are being as a coach
  • Instigate a regular and structured – yet flexible and ever changing and creative way; incorporating all your senses to initiate a regular reflective and mindful reflection about your coaching practice – which experts believe is necessary to continue to grow and expand your awareness and identify where we can make positive change
  • Develop yourself and deepen your practice
  • Connect with like minded coaches who will support your awareness and development through reflection, sharing and curiosity
  • Identify and practice processes which can support your coaching practice

Marie is offering YOU one COMPLIMENTARY session to experience the power of a structured, yet flexible and creative reflective practice.


Places are strictly limited and allocated on a first come first served basis.

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