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Quartet Supervision – with Michele Grant

Group supervision is a great way to gain perspectives on your coaching but one-to-one supervision brings the individual focus we need as coaches.   This Quartet Supervision programme for sets of just four coaches aims to cover both bases.

MY SUPERVISION APPROACH is to create a structured space for you to develop as a coach, to explore new perspectives and deepen your own professional fulfilment.   The aim is to support and to strengthen you as a coach so that you can be the instrument of change in your clients.  Within the small, mutually supportive quartet you have the opportunity work with others on issues that arise in coaching and to give and receive different perspectives on those issues. It is not about comparing and measuring yourself against other coaches, rather it is a safe space in which you can build confidence in your own way of being a coach or try new ways that challenge ingrained habits.

HOW IT WORKS  Each session lasts for two hours and is conducted on Zoom.   There is a free 45 minute chemistry session for four coaches prior to committing to the programme.  The commitment thereafter is for a minimum of five sessions over a duration up to 18 months.   In the first session we will be getting to know one another and building trust and rapport.  In each of the subsequent sessions there will be an opportunity for one coach to have ‘focus time’.  It is therefore important that we make that commitment to each other.

ABOUT ME I hold the Professional Certificate in Advanced Supervision Practice from Oxford Brookes University.   I am also a listed Qualified Coach Supervisor with the Association of Coaching Supervisors.  I have been coaching for 15 years and hold the PCC credential from the ICF.

FEES The total fee for the five sessions per coach is £325.   This can be invoiced in five instalments of £65.

Please note firm dates for the next set have not been confirmed.

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