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Wednesday 16th September, 16:30 – 17:30

Our Trusted Coach, Fiona Anderson is a highly committed volunteer at Engage for Success. Appointed to the Engage for Success Steering Group, 2018, she now leads the strategic strand: #peopleproductivity.

Our ambition is to promote and develop the links between people and productivity and the impact on business results. We aim to influence #peopleproductivity across the UK.

Join us each month when Fiona hosts an online conversation with her fellow volunteers.

In September, Jill Munden, from My Change Expert, will be building on our previous discussions around how we best achieve #people #productivity.  In this session she will be focusing on the organisational perspective and in particular, what part coaching can play in enhancing people productivity.

Jill will be giving us a brief insight into why there is an even stronger case now than ever before, for embedding a coaching culture; could it be one of the solutions for leaders who are burnt out, wondering how they can increase the productivity of their teams and maybe even struggling to see a future?

We will be using this to stimulate conversations, share and learn what others are doing, what’s working well and what you could take away to contribute to improving the productivity of your organisation.

Join the conversation on 16th September to

– contribute

– collaborate

– co-create

– commit to action

Fellow volunteers: Fiona Anderson, Hagit Amsterdam, Sarah Pass, Jill Munden, Claire Ritchie, Scott Rolph and Nicholas look forward to meeting you online for our next conversation on Wednesday 16th September 16:30 to 17:30.  Everyone is welcome.


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