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Open Space meets Co-Coaching








£ 20.00

Open Space meets Co-Coaching. An excursion into How We Can Further Our Coaching, facilitated by Executive Coach & Coach Supervisor Simon Hague

Meeting online, there is an opportunity to explore your passion in coaching with others. Bring along a model, a technique, a thought or an idea that you want to explore with the help of other people that are interested.

In itself, this is an experiment to see what comes out of it around the theme of “How We Can Further Our Coaching.”

There will be 9 slots for discussion in the afternoon. Please let me know what you would like to explore as a passion and we will get these sessions ‘booked-in’ to the system. I reserve the right to prioritise the sessions if we have more than 9 areas of exploration.

During the event, you can drop around the different sessions using the 4 rules and 1 principle that Harrison Owen introduced us to.
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