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London Corinthian Sailing Club, 60 Upper Mall, London


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Our ILM Certified Open Performance Coach Training course includes everything required to become a coach, whether internal or external, as well as enabling participants to become authentic coaching managers. The training is based on the time-honoured GROW model, and the practice with other participants can bring about a change in self-awareness, energy, potential and personal impact at a profound level.

Our approach to performance coach training

The style of our performance coach training is ‘learning by doing’. It is a very practical approach in which participants have the opportunity to practise coaching about real issues and to get feedback from our trainers and each other.

The course is divided into two modules. Between the two modules, participants are paired with a coaching partner from the course, in order to practise their skills in a safe setting. This builds confidence and fluency, enabling participants to embed the new skills and use them fluently after the course is over.

The Performance Coach Training course is:

  • Designed by coaches for coaches
  • Structured to be practical, embed the skills for the long term and use participants’ time efficiently
  • Uses best practices refined and shaped by the feedback of hundreds of attendees
  • Based on the proven methods such as the GROW model, and the use of unique and novel learning techniques

Performance Coach Training Course Structure:

  • Three days + two days, four to six weeks apart
  • Practise assignments in between training modules
  • The final day consists of individual oral assessments

Performance Coach Training Course Deliverables:

  • Coaching skills: listening, questioning, clarifying
  • Permission Protocol
  • The coaching-mentoring-managing continuum
  • Goal setting
  • Strategic action planning
  • The GROW model
  • Manager-as-coach
  • Managing a coaching business
  • Best practice in coaching
  • Coaching supervision
  • Self limiting beliefs
  • Reference manual
  • Worksheets for coach, client and assessment
  • A choice of our own PCT Certificate, ILM Endorsed, Level 5 or 7 Certificate, or Level 5 or 7 Diploma

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