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One Day Workshop - Opening the Flow on Work you Love






6 Great Mead, Didcot


£ 50

One Day Workshop – Opening the Flow on Work you Love

Group – gathering together a select group of professionals in the coaching field

Led by Asher Rickayzen and supported by Frances White

Have you ever thought,

“I love the work I do; how do I get more of it”?

The principles that underpin coaching can sometimes conflict with the way we perceive sales and business development. Learning to find and sell work in a relational way is critical if, as coaches, we want to offer our services in a way that fits with our values and doesn’t compromise our integrity, in ways that also energise us to do the actions that will engage us with new clients.

This experimental one-day workshop will give participants the opportunity to talk about this broad subject from many perspectives and to learn from fellow professional practitioners in an open, structured and supportive environment.

Asher, “The topic of sales first grabbed my attention whilst writing my Masters dissertation almost ten years ago. I was frustrated that the course began with the convenient and unrealistic assumption that work had somehow already been found. It was difficult to identify sources of information that would help me learn how to acquire work; however, over the subsequent decade I did gain much hard-earned knowledge. I am sure I am not alone.”

The workshop will be structured around a framework based on thoughts about sales, covering both psychological and ‘mechanical’ elements.

Potential topics might include:

  • Sharing stories of success and failure – and exploring the narratives we hold
  • Describing your proposition – and hearing others’ feedback plus the context of their propositions
  • Persistence & working with rejection – and the beliefs we have about “the market” and “clients”
  • Using social media and technology – yes, really!
  • Responding resourcefully to ‘How much are you charging?’
  • Boundaries in “professional” friendships and client relationships
  • Conversations leading to creating a work opportunity – opening those doors

The list is long and we will facilitate the day in the spirit of ‘we shape it as we go’. We are looking to cover the costs of the venue and food rather than set a commercial rate, envisaging the cost as approximately £50 per head and the number of places will be limited to eight. Participants need to be coaches with business development responsibilities and a reasonable amount of experience, whether as sole practitioners or as part of a small organisation.

If you are interested or know someone else who might be, for further information or to book your place, contact Frances – – 07958 536489

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