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This is a supervision group for experienced coaches to explore the orientation of unknowing in relation to their practice – run by Martin Vogel

Unknowing is about letting go of what we think we know, opening to freshness and holding ideas lightly. In these turbulent and unsettling times, leaders need time and space to hold their uncertainty away from the pressure to collude with easy answers. Coaches too can be subject to this pressure. In order to support our clients to accept their not knowing, this supervision space will explore what it is to reside in unknowing – adopting approaches that invite it in rather than resist it.

This is a space for peer-to-peer reflection, drawing on the insights and ideas of everyone in the group. Rather than a tightly held supervisory space, we will approach it as a jointly created process of action research.

Dates for monthly sessions to be agreed.

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Martin Vogel is a coach, supervisor and writer. He is researching the topic of unknowing as an orientation to these unsettling times.

For further details, click the “More info” button. Or contact Martin via his Trusted Coach Directory profile.

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