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New Psychometrics – How Small Changes Make Big Differences with Roy Childs








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The Association for Coaching (AC) is pleased to welcome Roy Childs to speak at this 2hr Virtual Event.

About this Event:

Coaching is an individual and empowering process. Sadly, Psychometrics are not always used in that way which puts many coaches off because they see over-simplification and potential rigidity. Meanwhile Coaches are involved in the opposite – an evolving and dynamic process. But good use of psychometrics changes the lens by reducing the volume on the ‘Metric’ element and increasing the volume on the ‘Psycho’ element. This means achieving better understanding of the psychology behind the tools and less focus on its metrication – the numbers.

This session will describe how we can do this by both reframing what psychometrics really are, by exposing many of the myths and orthodoxies that surround them and then recasting them as key triggers for helping people take stock, listen to themselves more carefully and helping them to develop their autobiographical narrative. Furthermore, it will introduce you to innovations in psychometrics that convert their use into a much more dynamic process. Psychometric biases downplay how people’s experiences help create their identity and how these are part of how people’s personalities evolve. By reframing we can change the current focus on looking backwards to verify a person’s profile (or getting to ‘best fit type’) and our lens then becomes one of looking forwards to chart our coachees’ futures.

Along the way you will be introduced to the ACDC model using psychometrics to develop greater personal insight and applying a much more dynamic model to personality, values and capabilities.

In this Virtual Event You Will Learn:

  • How Psychometrics can help people focus on the future – who I will become – rather than focusing on the past – how I became who I am today
  • How the real value of psychometrics comes from how they challenge self-perception rather than how they confirm it – and be introduced to some new and interesting new tools.
  • How to break the stereotype of psychometrics as a scientific process by recognising their value in building people’s personal narrative for the life ahead.

Speaker Bio

Roy Childs, PhD, is a Business Psychologist who works as a facilitator, coach, trainer and researcher. He combines a highly experiential approach with a clear practitioner focus. His background in psychometrics includes having worked with some of the best-known authors of personality questionnaires including Ray Cattell (16PF) and Will Schutz (FIRO). With Team Focus he has developed a new range of instruments covering areas as yet untouched by psychometrics – until now. Roy has worked with Psychological Type since the 1980’s and was a founder member of the 16PF User’s Group (now the Psychometrics Forum) as well as the Myers-Briggs User Group. His combination of a psychometric background with extensive practitioner experience gave him a valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of both MBTI and other questionnaires which he has used to develop a new approach to the use of Type called Type Mapping. Roy runs the widest range of BPS recognised qualifying courses in the UK and his publications include “the Psychometric Minefield”, “Emotional Intelligence and Leadership”, “Coaching with FIRO Element B” and “The Relational Lens”.

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