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Neurodiversity-Informed Coaching: What is It & Why is it Important?








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The brain does not discriminate; neurodiversity is a universal human phenomenon that crosses all racial, ethnic, gender, socio-economic and/or religious boundaries.

When coaching clients present with any aspect of neurodivergence – such as ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, learning disabilities, giftedness or other exceptionalities – it can alter expected patterns of effecting change. Similarly, when coaches or clients identify as neurodivergent, it influences how they partner together to process information.

A coach informed about neurodiverse differences in processing information or initiating change can better support all clients in achieving desired results – and be better informed about whether and when to make referrals to specialized coaches or other helping professionals.

This session is designed to improve the quality of coaching engagements for neurodivergent and neurotypical coaches and clients, alike. Diane and Elaine will identify fundamental core competencies of neurodiversity-informed training for coaches. It is not designed to train coaches to become specialists in supporting any particular aspect of neurodiversity.

Instead, this session will provide coaches with a general education to recognize, understand, and determine whether, when, and how to ethically provide coaching for clients with all kinds of neurodiversity.

In this interactive session, participants will be invited to understand and explore neurodiversity through the lens of their own personal coaching examples.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify fundamental components, typical patterns, and signs of neurodivergence
  • Understand how client behaviours and follow-through may be impacted by neurodiversity
  • Consider how to partner with clients to explore the role that their neurodiversity might play in their life and leadership
  • Explore whether and when to refer clients to other helping professionals
  • Discuss continued education in neurodiversity

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