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Neurodiversity in Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision - 26th September 2023








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Hosted by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC UK)

This is the second of our regular Special Interest Group meetings for neurodiversity in coaching, mentoring and supervision. We are lucky to have Mayur Gondhea attending as our guest speaker, and will have plenty of time afterwards for generative conversation as a group. This is a neurodivergent inclusive space, and is open to all neurotypes and identities

Guest Speaker
Mayur Gondhea is the founder of CubeLynx a financial modelling / spreadsheet consultancy that was founded on social principles. Mayur set up the company following his son’s diagnosis of Autism. He was acutely aware of the high unemployment rates for autistic people and felt financial modelling would be an excellent career path for neurodiverse people. CubeLynx specialises in supporting the following sectors: regulation, renewables, property, impact investment and charities.

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