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Build your own team working together agreement

Are you and your teams finding your best ways of working in this new world?  Or is your hybrid team working experience proving something of a challenge?  Managers and Leaders are having to rethink some of the old beliefs, habits and values. Their teams need both increased freedom of choice AND clear and careful guidance from their leaders.  The best ways of working are not always the most obvious, and we have all – managers and teams – got into habits over the last few years that bear reviewing.

According to our research, just out this July 2022 – most organisations are finding that their people are going into the physical office on average 1.5 days per week, and some not at all. Are you building hybrid teams, managing the practicalities of hybrid meetings, inducting new team members, building and connecting remote teams and creating a team spirit and culture that makes people want to stay and build a career with you?

In this webinar, Philippa will share the tools she uses with her clients and for her own team to support her teams’ working and working together.  The Working Together Agreement is not a contract, and not a policy.  Philippa describes it as a ‘campfire’ around which a team and its leader sit and discuss how they would like to work, not just once, but regularly.  It becomes the norm for the team to have healthy, honest conversations about ways of working. It helps them to move towards a team culture where it is fine to be open and honest about what is working and not, and to experiment.

The Working Together Agreement is where those conversations are documented, and the team goes back to them, updates them as new experiments reveal new ways forward and new solutions to some of their team working blocks.

There will be a short presentation followed by a Q&A session with Philippa.

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