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As part of this month’s EMCC theme, ‘Making it work as a coach’, we are addressing those niggly but critical topics you probably didn’t learn on your coach training. How do you make it work as a coach? If you’re transitioning from other work, how do you build on this expertise? And most importantly, how do you make coaching a viable business?

There are many ways you can structure your work. You may work as an associate with organisations, you may work in-house as a corporate coach, or you may embark on setting up your own business. You may do a combination of these.

Whichever route you choose, to make it work, you’re going to need to be able to sell your services. It can be hard to figure this process out for your unique offering, and there is also plenty of snake oil in the market, which you wish to avoid on this journey! That shouldn’t mean avoid all sales information completely, however!

In this workshop, we explore selling your coaching services authentically. This will focus primarily on your own coaching business, although we will make the connection to other types of work, such as associate work too.

We take a sales-cynical guinea pig, Maya Gudka, and learn from Jian Goh, a sales coach who will take us through the following learning outcomes:

• The preparation required to sell authentically
• Communicating the value of your coaching effectively
• Creating an authentic and non-salesy sales presentation that converts

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