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Ash Parish Council, The Ash Centre, Ash Hill Road, Aldershot


£ 22

Working for yourself or in a small or medium sized business can be lonely. Link & Learn is an opportunity to network and learn together in a collaborative environment.  Events are open to everyone.

Link & Learn 11th September 2018 Managing Business Relationships. Do you have clients, customers, suppliers, associates, staff, colleagues? Learn some theories and models to help you give and get the best from your business relationships, as well as gain some hints and tips from other participants.

Link is a 30 minute structured networking session to promote your business. Bring your business cards and be ready to share your current focus, recent successes or challenges.

Learn is a 90 minute training session covering a business, leadership or personal development topic. The format includes two models relating to the topic of the month and continues the opportunity to network and learn from each other with time to discuss and debate, share experiences and tips.

Link & Learn takes place on the Surrey Hampshire border in The Ash Centre, Ash Hill Road, Ash GU12 5DP and is held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  Tea and coffee are available from 0915.

A £1 donation will be given to the Phyllis Tuckwell hospice where the staff cared so well for my brother-in-law’s brother.

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