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Denis Gource-Bource is launching the first free monthly discussion on Zoom on the 12th March from 11.45 to 12.45.

“We’ll talk about leadership, about mindful leadership, about how to go beyond automatic reactions and how to increase natural leadership.”

The benefits for you are to access a room with other people who are developing their leadership and sharing experience and benefit from the inputs of an international Executive Coach with 14 years’ experience.

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Denis has had many years’ experience in many parts of the world, different cultures and industries. Denis has accompanied hundreds of managers and executives in many fortune 500 companies. He has observed common straights and difficulties and helped overcome obstacles which most of the time have to do with inner beliefs and limitations.

If you want to join, just send an email and he will send you the link to the room.

To know more about Denis and his background as an Executive Coach, go to


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