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Leader As Coach – what does it really mean? Why bother? Get answers from real examples, plus what’s involved & how to maximise impact.

For HR and L&D leads, this workshop lifts the lid off the term ‘Leader As Coach’ to give clarity, examples and options.

The accepted wisdom is that it is the answer to unhappy employees, lack of engagement and low productivity. However, pockets of high productivity aren’t enough today so a many-pronged strategy is now key to success.

Leader As Coach has lost its popularity in some quarters partly because it wasn’t implemented well. But the benefits can be huge and far-reaching in building social capital and trust, motivating the workforce to contribute discretionary effort and creating collaborative teams that give competitive edge in the marketplace.

Join this free Wednesday TCD Webinar with Executive Coach Alison HaillFrom definitions to implications and benefits, Alison Haill uses real-life examples from her own client work to describe challenges, solutions and practical options to build.

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