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Are you …

  • Frustrated from relying heavily on associate work that’s not hitting the mark?
  • Recently qualified as a coach but not sure how to gain paying clients?
  • New to coaching after leaving a senior role, wondering who your ideal client is?

To build a coaching practice that enables you to work with the clients you’re best suited to takes strategic thinking. Attracting those clients requires positioning yourself, a value proposition, and a way of communicating that matches the prospective client’s needs and desires.

Your clarity and communication will be the keys to making that match.

Business Development Coach and Mentor and author of ‘Quick Wins in Sales and Marketing’ Jackie Jarvis will facilitate this interactive webinar where you with be encouraged to think about how you might make that ideal match in your business.

Jackie will encourage you to consider what an ideal match might look like, and the elements you need to think about to get it right.

You will leave with some ideas to reflect on and have the basis on which to start thinking about your next steps.

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